1995 95 Mercedes S500 S 500 W140 C140 Coupe CL500 SWB 82K Maintenance records from 2001


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VIN: WDBGA70E9SA246010

I am selling my beloved 1995 Mercedes S500 Coupe with 82K miles

The car has been well taken care of. I performed all the necessary maintenance and kept inside a garage.

I purchased the car back in Nov 2007 when it had 72K miles from Florida. It has never seen a drop of snow or salt.

Since purchased from 2 years ago, we only put 10K on it.

No kids or pets ever rode in the car since I own it. No more than 3 people rode in the car at the same time.

No accident as far as I can tell. It has been baby since we own it.

I attached a copy of the carfax report when I purchased it. You can run it again if you like.

I am the third owner of the vehicle, and I obtained all the service records of the second owner. The second owner has the car from 2001, so I have records from 2001.

The car has the following features:

Traction control Air Condition Power Steering Power Windows Power Locks
Tilt/Telescope Steering wheel Cruise Control Cassette and 6 disc CD changer Car Phone
Bose Premium Sound Package
Dual Front Air Bag ABS Leather Interior Dual Power Seats Moon Roof
Charcoal interior filter Dual seat heater Dual Memory seat/mirror positions Auto dimming rear view mirror Alarm
Self leveling rear suspension Fog lamps Close assists on doors and trunks Power folding mirrors Leather Interior

Both the registration and Texas inspection are up to date. My wife still drives it occasionally, the mileage might increae a little bit from the pictures.

The car been well maintain and adult driven. I used only Mercedes approved Total synthetic motor oil. I changed the oil every 5000 miles rather than the recommended 7500 miles.

I also rotate the tires to keep even wear. The tires are 235/60/R16 Michelin MXV4. The spare tire is full size and the same wheel and tire as the other 4 wheels. The spare tire is in great condition.

I have receipts for all the parts and material I purchased.

The big items for W140 are the wire harness, AC evaporator, and transmission. They were repaired so you can ride with peace.

Since 2001, over $15,000 were spend on maintenance and repair. Since Nov. 2007, I spend over $4000 in repair and maintenance

I also have my 2007 and 2008 emission inspection results. As expected, it passed with flying colors. I lost my 2009 results. It passed because the Texas inspection sticker is current.

Upon purchased, all the records will be provided. I have a clear title of the vehicle. 2 FOB with key and a vallet key will also be provided

Below is the maintenance/repair performed in reverse chronological order:

 Total Cost  Work done
$214.26 A thief broke the driver side window.  I replaced the window.  In addition the power lock and close assist vacuum elements were replaced as a pre-caution.  Since I had the driver door apart, I replace both vacuum elements inside.


$107.85 Oil changed and both windshield wipers were changed
$75.00 Battery was changed.  The old battery didn't hold the charge
$2,631.00 Transmission rebuilt.  The car lost Reverse gear.  It was rebuild with a 12 month warranty.  No problem since then
$56.84 Headlight rotary switch worn out.  I replaced it.
$390.45 One of the AC metal hose rusted and leak out all the refrigerant.  I replaced the host and the AC drier the same time.  It was professionally recharged
$622.92 Performed tune up myself.  I also replace the rear suspension accumulator because they went bad.  Replaced parts are Power steering filter, power steering fluid, suspension fluid, air filter, transmission filter, pan gasket, and fluid, spark plugs and wires, oil change, self leveling accumulator sphere, and coolant flush.
$-   I purchased the vehicle
$1,193.00 Air mass sensor, camshaft position sensor, rotors, and distributor caps replaced
$-   No work done, moved headrest to down position, car vibration from 35 to 55 mph, Oil level sensor inside oil pan is leaking, and leaking steering box
$98.00 SRS light on, driver seat belt buckle, decarbon engine
$88.42 Oil and filter change, fuel injector added, and brake light bulb replacement
$266.80 Crank shaft position sensor changed
$470.00 Replaced aux fan relay, both valve cover gasket, and breather hoses
$488.82 Oil and filter change and replaced fuel pressure regulator
$821.50 Front and rear rotors/pad replaced
$75.00 Repairt aux fan connection
$676.05 Oil and filter change, replaced alternator and serpentine belt
$558.00 Replaced passenger side door latch and lock
$736.00 Replaced engine wire harness
$3,195.45 Replaced AC evaporator, receiver/dryer, evaporator drain tube, expansion valve, transmission mounts, engine mounts.  Oil and filter changed
$163.49 Replaced heater hose in back of intake manifold
$379.00 Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter
$1,079.00 Replaced front shocks, rear accumulator, and oil level sensor
$1,201.00 Replaced air filters, fuel filters, fuel cap, aux fan resistor, lower control arm rear bushings.  Oil and filter changed
$50.75 Oil and filter changed

With all the repair and maintenance, there are still imperfections and defective system in the car. Mercedes is not known for its reliability. I am not putting Mercedes down, but just to be honest with my knowledge on the car.

Defect Comments
Headlight wiper (driver side) This is the wiper on the headlight, not the windshield wiper. The Windshield wipers works great. Both headlight wipers used to work, but recently the driver side stop working. The passenger side works, but I rarely use this function and don't notice any difference.
SRS light stays on for ~1 minute

The SRS light stay on after the car started. I purchased the car with this defect. I was told it was the faulty driver side Seat Belt Switch. It is a common Mercedes issue. The airbag still works.

I tried the fix on the following site, but no luck:

Passenger side backseat headrest clicks during up and down movement

Plastic gears in the assembly is worn. The headrest still holds and moves. I rarely have people in the back, so I let the backseat headrests stay up.

Fixes can be found here:

Front Passenger side Front seat pad does not move back and forth

The front passenger seat itself moves back and forth. The pad where your behind sit on doesn't move back and forth by itself. It is in a good spot for all my passengers, so I just let my passengers live with it.

Cold AC air only blows from the center vents

The AC blows 40's degree air. Because of defective duovalve inside the climinate control system mixes the cold and hot air all the time. With the AC on, all the vent blows hot air. Cold air come out by hitting the blue button in the center vent and closed the side vents. The duovalve cost over $500 by itself, so I just live the the inconvenience.

This is a common failed parts, as documented in the following site:

Seat belts does not hold tension during driving The seat belts extend and retract fine when you buckle up and unbuckle. However after you buckle up, the seat belts lose its pull. It just doesn't loose up, but if you move around the seat belt will be loose. It has to be something electronic, because everything is nice and tight if I just unbuckle and buckle immediately. The seat belt still works, so I just unbuckle and re-buckle
slight shimmies on speed 50+ The car is smooth as silk below 50 mph. Around 50+, the steering wheel shimmy slightly. It is either the idler arm or the steering damper. I purchased the steering damper and will be provided to you. Just doesn't have a chance to get after it.
Sagging headliner in the rear The headliner for the rear is sagging in the middle. It doesn't affect rear visibility, but if a tall person in the back it might touch his/her head. I never had a tall person and rarely have anybody in the back, so I let it go.
Interior Age

The interior has wear as a 15 year old car. The steering wheel leather is crack due to sun damage. Both the driver and passenger leather seats has cracks but no tear. The backseats are almost new.

The center console wood is damage on the bottom. It was damaged when I purchased the vehicle.

Check below for the extensive photos collections:

CarFax report from Nov. 2007
2007 Emission Inspection Results
2008 Emission Inspection Results


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The exterior is in great shape. No rust at all. There are few dings as expected for a 15 year old car. The main thing is few scratches on the driver side door and quarter panel. They are there when I purchased the car. The previouse owner said the scratches were due to loose roof shingles during a Florida storm.

The clear coat on the passenger mirror is peeling at one spot. I don't know why this is the case, but that is the only place. I took pictures of it.

I took as much pictures as possible. Let me know if you need more pictures on a area.

The interior is in good shape for a 15 year old. The stains in the carpet were there when we purchased the vehicle. They look like spills or foot traffic. The steering wheels have sun damage at the top. The front leather seats have wear on them, but no ripes. The backseat are like new.
I have records from 2001. Owners manual and documentation are provided at purchase. 2 FOB with key and 1 vallet key will be provided.

Cash ONLY!!! If you are a wealthy family in Nigeria or Africa and your funds are still in Nigeria or Africa, contact me ONLY after your money is in the states. This is America and I will only accept US Federal dollars!!!! Don't WASTE my time with your funny money