Hello Everyone, I am here to showcase and document of all the beauties I have owned. I own my first vehicle (87' Toyota Corolla FX) in Mid Oct 1998 while I was still in University of Buffalo grad school. It taught me a lot about car, buying a car, working on a car and most importantly it taught me how to drive a manual. I still miss my FX and all my other cars are benchmark against it. Now I am out in the working world and 6 years later, I am still looking for my FX replacement. So far one or two have come close, but nothing can replace the original in my mind. Without further delay, here are the all the cars I have own:
My very first car. It is not the fastest thing, but get me around campusThis is the only photo I have with this car. It was taken in Tornoto 99' during a snow storm, also the last time I saw the vehicle. I was on a spring break trip from Buffalo, NY to Tornoto. I believe the clutch broke so I had no clutch. I was lucky enough to make it to Tornoto (trouble began in Niagara Falls) before it broke down. I continued on the trip in a rental. I love to tow it back and get it fix, but towing from Tornoto cost too much money. Still looking for its replacement, a FX or FX-16
87' Toyota Corolla FX, 130+K
Purchase Date: Oct 98
Retired Date: Mar 99
Options: NONE
Work done to it:
Changed Radiator, Alternator belt, replaced rear drums, parking cable, & tune-up
Rust, gas tank leak at weld joint (holds more than 5 gallons gas and it will start leaking)
  I purchased this car in Buffalo, NY for only few hundreds buck. I bought this car down to Nashville, TN with me for my first job. I traveled from Nashville to Atlanta, GA often with it and was a great ride. It died on me when I was just leaving Atlanta back to Nashville. I think either the fuel pump failed or the fuel filter was clogged. I didn't have the chance to fix it because I have to be a work the next day. Even though it died on me, this was a great car and introduced me to the Sentra.

85' Nissan Sentra, 130+K
Purchase Date: Oct 2000
Retired Date: April 2001
Options: None

Work done to it:

Problems: Couldn't go faster than 65 MPH

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Bought the car while I was in Nashville, after my Sentra died. It introduce me to the great Toyota 4AGE engine. This mid Engine RWD beauty handle like a Go-cart, corners like it is on rail, but not the fastest thing on earth. It was great for city driving, but the wind noise just kills it on the highway. I went up to 105 MPH in it and very stable ride. The t-tops is great in a sunny day but requires maintence on the seal so it don't leak. I kept this car in tip top shape. Perform all schedule maintence on it. The thing that kill this car for me is its difficulity to work in. I never got the coolant system to bleed correctly. Because of mid-engine, the coolant plumbing run from the middle to the front, very difficult to bleed. I also took this car to autocross and on the track. I had a lot of fun in the car and burned a lot of tires on corners :) Even though I own the car for more than 2 years, I only put about 8K miles to it because I got a second car while I save this one for only the weekend

I sold this car on ebay to someone that owned a MR2 before. He flied in from Missouri to Atlanta to pick up. He was a good guy and hopefully he will take care of it well.

89' Toyota MR2 NA
Purchase Date: May 2001 (54K)
Retired Date: Sept 2003 (62K)
Options: A/C, Cruise, Power Mirror, T-tops

Work done to it:
timing belt, water pump, short throw bracket, all belts, tune up, oil cooler hose replaced, valve cover gasket
Air in coolant line

I purchased this car mainly as my primary car and take the hard miles away from my MR2. The wind noise from the 2 just make it difficult to drive on the highway (Nashville to Atlanta, 3.5 hours drive) I picked the Sentra because my second car was a sentra and found it to be built very solid. This was one of the greatest investment I ever made. I bought the car on ebay and flew to New Hampshire from Nashville. I flew out Friday night and drove to NYC that night, resting in my Mom's place. Then I drove 14 hours straight next day and made it back Saturday night.

I also drove from Nashville, TN to Buffalo, NY, then to NYC, then to Atlanta, and then back to Nashville. I did all the driving in 7 days. The purpose of the trip was get to Buffalo (Feb 13th, 2002) to get my Master degree.

It never gave me trouble and very very easy to work on . I didn't have to do any repair to it except for regular maintence. I can even make oil change without jacking up the car and even without touching the ground. You might think without A/C and in the south will be difficult. This sitution actually make me more focus and caused me to drive faster because I am so focused to avoid the heat and get AC. I had to put in a tachometer in the car because I don't feel comfortable driving a manual without a tachometer

I had to sell the car because I found a job in Beaufort, SC and couldn't take both the MR2 and the Sentra to Beaufort to Atlanta. I sold this car to a guy that used to owned a Sentra. He loved the car the second he drove it and I am glad I sold it to him. My girlfriend still occassional see the vehicle because they park in the same parking lot. Great car

90' Nissan Sentra
Purchase Date: Oct 2001 (64K)
Sold Date: Nov. 2002 (94 K)
Options: None

Work done to it: Tune-up, added tachometer

Problems: leaky trunk, common problem in Sentra

Bought this car traditionally from a newspaper ad. I bought this car about a month after I got my job in Beaufort, SC. The car has an new alternator, starter, and tires when I got it. This is my first car that has A/C, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Doors, and an automatic transmission. It has about 108K in first got it in Sept 2002. I put 40K in the first year and has more than 148K in Sept 2003. Absolute no trouble with this car at all. Love this car, and looking forward to get another one, a corolla wagon!
95' Toyota Corolla
Purchased Date: Sept 2002
Sold Date: None
Options: Power Steering, Automatic, A/C, P/M, P/L

Work done to it: tune up, fuel fulter, added Tachometer

Problems: Paint peeling off the front hood

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Purchased this car in a garage sale. The owner used it to prevent people parking in the driveway during the garage sale and had no plan to sell it. I saw it was in terrific shape for its age (18 years old). I decided that I might never see a 85 (AE86) coupe in such good shape, so I asked the owner if he plan to sell it. Like all things in the world, we negotiated and settle on $1100. The day he sold the car, he had to go purchased another vehicle. It works out great for both of us. Unfortunately, the car was too small for my use after I drove it several times (less than 50 miles total). The car drives great and was maintained very well. However, after I purchased a house with my girlfriend the car was too small to transport. It could a great daily driver, but I wanted more. I sold the car on ebay during xmas time and the guy drove from NYC to pick it up.

85' Toyota Corolla (AE86 body)
Purchased Date: Nov. 2003
Sold Date: Dec. 2003
Options: Power Steering, A/C (not working), P/M, Alloy wheels
Runs great, too bad I didn't have much time to enjoy it.

I purchased this one because I had such great luck with the 95 corolla and was looking for something bigger to haul my home improvement projects. It fit the bill perfectly, good size and good mileage. I was debating this vehicle over a small pickup. I selected this one because a pickup uses too much gas and too costly. I have great experience with Corolla and figured I couldn't go wrong with this it again.

I purchased the vehicle on ebay from a dealer in the middle of cow country. It was first time I got a vehicle from the dealer, but I went through ebay, so no sales pitch. the car was what it promised. The only problem it has is a oil leak. I don't know where it is coming from and like to fix it before I make this my daily driver. Hopefully it is nothing big, so I am going to upset on my corolla.

93' Toyota Corolla Wagon
Purchased Date: Feb. 2004
Sold Date: None
Options: Power Steering, A/C, Cruise, P/L, P/W,
Need a tune-up and oil leak fix. Need AC charge also, but runs good.